Elisha Stetson is a Seattle-based artist/ clothing designer.


He attended the Kansas City Art Institute, graduating with a BFA in Textiles and Art history. He initially entered to study illustration but found a love for costuming, which led to a different and exciting path.


His aesthetic has always carried a cleanliness of line and simplicity or flatness in imagery.


LINE 1, the first collection available from Elisha Stetson, is inspired by Pop Art. 


Taking simple images from everyday life and adding a little comedy turns them into brilliant fashion pieces. Machine produced patches ensure that the hand of the designer is minimally visible in the final garment.


WHITE LINE continues the embroidered appliqué designs established in the premier collection but explores darker and more provocative themes.


Religious iconography helps propel the ideas behind WHITE LINE and a minimal color palette pushes the bold imagery to the forefront of the designs.


Mario's Seattle



Marios of Portland and Seattle, and Marios 3.10 in Bridgeport Village are men’s and women’s specialty stores known for their exceptional customer service, offering exquisite designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

In September of 2015 Marios entered a partnership with Mitchell Stores.

The heart of their extraordinary vision was to “hug” the customer… to enhance and add value to the retail experience by offering unsurpassed service, a uniquely warm environment, to give back to their communities and to build trusting relationships with customers and friends that would last throughout generations.

Do The Extraordinary


Do The Extraordinary was birthed from a vision to create a local, handmade lifestyle brand that merges edgy, urban design with the outdoors and the natural world that surrounds us. A brand that exists to encourage, inspire, unite and identify with the style and heart of OUR generation. A style-conscious generation committed to seeing their world a better place. A generation cold to the corporate "Machine." A generation of world changers. Passionate about LIVING life! EVERYDAY. Outside of the box.

Photo: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined

Elevé Dancewear


Elevé believes that every dancer is unique and what they wear should be a representation of their personality.  Dancers spend all day in front of the mirror perfecting lines, rehearsing choreography, and trying to stand out.

The goal with the dance wear line is not to only give dancers clothing that is comfortable and stylish, but also give them the confidence to dance and look their best.


Photo: Lee Gumbs Photography

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